America Strong (Willow Falls Book Three)

Just one week after the power flickered out across the country, American society is on its knees.

The President has been killed. His replacement, the inexperienced Acting Secretary of Commerce Warren Wells, has incited mass panic with his fumbling, nervous inauguration speech. The people of Willow Falls now know that help isn’t coming. If they’re to survive the collapse they’ll have to do it alone.

But there’s a new threat.

Shep has lost everything. All he has left are his principles, and he’ll be damned if he’ll abandon them just to satisfy Boyd Gibson’s petty need for revenge. As Pam keeps reminding him, “principles ain’t principles if you only follow them when they don’t cost you a dime.”

They’re about to cost Shep and Pam their lives.

When it all hits the fan Shep and Pam will find out if they’re strong enough to survive out on the open road, facing the madmen and murderers who have made a powerless United States their sick playground. Is the safe zone real? Does it really have power?

And will they be able to save Abi and the chief before time runs out?

AMERICA STRONG is the final instalment of the Willow Falls EMP survival series, a terrifying tale of what’s to come: a war against an enemy the United States is woefully ill-prepared to face.

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