America Down (Willow Falls Book Two)

When the North Korean EMP plunged the United States into darkness, it wasn’t only those on the ground whose lives were thrown into chaos.

First Officer Benjamin Cole had dreaded this moment since the day he first set foot on the flight deck. The instruments flickering out… The controls dying in his hands… His 737 nosing down towards the hills of Virginia, carrying more than a hundred passengers to almost certain death.

This is your Captain speaking. Brace for impact.

When the power went out across America five thousand airplanes plunged from the skies above. Hundreds of thousands of passengers were trapped, helpless, their final moments filled with panic, confusion and terror.

But some were lucky enough to survive.

When the passengers of American 372 crawled, battered and broken, from the wreckage in rural Virginia they expected help to arrive at any moment. Fire trucks. Ambulances. News choppers.

But something else came instead.

AMERICA DOWN is the thrilling sequel to AMERICA DARK, the first instalment of the Willow Falls EMP survival series. AMERICA DOWN is a grim, terrifying tale of what’s to come: a war against an enemy the United States is woefully ill-prepared to face.

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