BANGKOK, MARCH 2018. The world looked on in horror as millions of innocent lives were snuffed out in a matter of hours. Millions of men, women and children slaughtered without mercy, torn apart by a violent mob that attacked without reason, motive or warning.

Tom Freeman saw the aftermath. He reported on the tragedy and looked into the eyes of the sole survivor, and what he saw looking back sent him running home to the United States. Back to safety. Back to a place where the world makes sense, and the putrid stink of the dead doesn’t haunt his nightmares.

He didn’t run quickly enough. They’re coming.

Remain indoors…

Gather supplies…

Find a weapon…

They’re here.

HUNGER is the opening book of the terrifying post-apocalyptic Last Man Standing series.


Last Man Standing - Hunger






“This isn’t your usual PA story about an invincible, impossibly capable prepper who takes the end of the world in his stride. It’s a story about a young guy who’d like to think of himself in those terms but deep down knows he’s just a regular dumb kid who isn’t really prepared for any of this. It’s a story about someone who’s well aware of his shortcomings but does his best to overcome them, if only so people don’t think of him as a coward. It’s REAL, is what I’m trying to say. That’s what made it so much fun to read.” — Broad Horizons

“I’m a huge zombie/apocalypse fiction fan and have read hundreds of this type of book. Every now and again you come across one that is good enough to read more than once, sometimes even more than twice. This one is going into my permanent library.” — IceDragonArt

“Writing so brilliant it makes this book impossible to put down. Images are captivating, Hunger sucks you into action leaves you wondering with ‘what if it was me?’ questions.
I lost track between fiction and reality, it’s going to be hard for me to commute to NYC on daily basis.” — Aytanga Karca