Things Fall Down (Jack Archer Book One)

Two states from his daughter, and the missiles have been launched…

Jack Archer is a train wreck. Stripped of his medical license, his marriage destroyed, hollowed out by grief and guilt, and reliant on alcohol to manage a pain the surgeons insist is all in his head. He’d have to climb for days just to reach the gutter.

And then a call from an old colleague changes everything. Something terrible is about to happen on the west coast. A nuclear blast has sent the nation into a panic. The government has triggered Condition Black, a chilling secret contingency plan intended as the last resort after the last resort has failed, and Jack’s ex-wife and seven year old daughter are standing in the line of fire.

Will he reach Emily before the missiles hit? Can he fight his way though the chaos and earn one final shot at redemption, or is Jack Archer cursed to watch another child die?

things fall down updated with mushroom cloud



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