Keith Taylor is the true identity of the million plus selling author behind the pen names Aya Fukunishi and K A Taylor, who toiled for years writing trashy but bizarrely popular romance novels that you absolutely shouldn’t ever read, not even to satisfy your curiosity. Not even on a dare. Just don’t do it. You’ll never get that time back.

Throughout those long, cold years in the romance trenches Keith secretly longed to return to his first love and true calling: post-apocalyptic fiction. The bestselling Last Man Standing series was written in the months after he finally realized he couldn’t write one more damned love story. He moved back to his writing bunker in Mongolia, disconnected from the world and returned with HUNGER, CORDYCEPS and VACCINE. Following their unexpected success he once again withdrew to the bunker, returning in August 2017 with the epic novel This is the Way the World Ends.

Taylor hails from the rainy suburbs of Manchester in the north of England. He lives with his wife, Otgontsetseg, and splits his time between Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia and Bangkok, Thailand. He’s been deported from more than one country, once spent two months living in his car, and has crapped in the wilderness everywhere from the Gobi Desert to the Pamir mountains on the Afghan border. He probably shouldn’t still be alive, but for now appears to be unkillable.

Keith may be the least organised author on the planet. He has a bad habit of publishing his books at a moment’s notice while drunk and heavily caffeinated, and he often forgets to tell anyone they’re on sale for days or weeks at a time because he can’t adult (or stop himself from using ‘adult’ as a verb).

With that in mind it’s probably a good idea to subscribe to his mailing list. He usually remembers to make important announcements there.

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